"Playing with dolls" excerpt

  Crack! and pop!, the fire mocks me where I lie huddled in my bed. Each sound makes me twitch and my heart quivers in my chest, a frightened rabbit with no place to hide from a predator. If only I could calm down, but the fire won’t let me. The noise reminds me of the boomsof thunder, cautioning people to find shelter before the storm hits.

I keep my eyes squeezed shut hoping it will magically muffle the sounds. It doesn’t make a difference, so I slam my hands over my ears and cringe.

Ubiquicity Undercurrents

A collection of sci-fi stories by various authors

 Beneath the smartglass towers, hovering drones and digital
advertisements of the corporate elite, life on the streets of Union City
follows its own cyber-organic rhythms.

A squattertown gangster, left digitally dead by a corporate war, learns
new ways to survive in the underground

A muni detective investigates a mysterious robbery performed by a 

well-prepared group of augmented attackers

A submissive cyber-doll entertains wealthy clients while gathering
information to serve her mysterious benefactors

A psycog returns from retirement to track down a data thief who's 

seemingly disappeared into a virtual world.


Stories by Irene Bassett, Brad Cole, D.M. Dore, Jens Durke, S.L. Koch,
G. Dean Manuel, Adrian McCauley and Rick Rosenkranz paint a
collaborative picture of our augmented future that is alternately
chilling and inspiring. 

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The Other Side of Gifted Series

Book 1: Living Nightmare



Night after night in the fourth-floor ward of the Mendwell Institute, Tobin Blake awakens screaming from nightmares of gruesome deaths and tortured souls. Therapy isn't helping, the drugs aren't helping, and lately the nightmares are getting worse. When a new doctor and his hypnotist colleague arrive promising breakthroughs, most patients are relieved, but Tobin senses something deeper is amiss.  

Now a stranger is hiding cryptic clues and suspicious newspaper clippings beneath her pillow, and when the nightly visions begin leaving bruises and scars on her waking body, Tobin must fight to retain what's left of her sanity.  

A riveting supernatural thriller that will leave you wondering where nightmares end, and reality begins.

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