Chapter 5

Tobin waits for her parents to visit her at Mendwell, and readers get a glimpse into the past and how she grew up. Tobin writes in her secret journal.


Dr. Dawson could study the Dream Journal all he wanted. He could share the entries with coworkers. She didn’t care. The messy, finger-smudged, ink-spattered pages in her hands, however, were hers. She wasn’t sure if the nurses were aware of their existence, but as long as no one asked her about them she was happy.


Chapter 4

Readers meet Ange, a fellow patient and self proclaimed bestie to Tobin. To Ange's mind, they are gifted.


“I don’t get it. She did what?”

“Made it open. With wind. Her power.”

Right. Tobin sighed. A quick search of the room made her hesitate. She didn’t want to hurt Ange’s feelings. Still…

“It might have been wind, but not from a person.” Tobin gestured across the room where the tables were. Behind the tables were the four windows. “A nurse must have opened a window. It was wind from outside.”

Chapter 3

In this chapter we meet Tobin's doctor, and we learn more about how the reactions of fellow patients hurt her more than she wants to admit.


“They hate me,” she admitted after a minute of silence. She couldn’t look at him when she spoke, could barely get the words out. Writing was easy. Talking, she wasn’t good at. She bit her lower lip, eyes still downcast. Sharing pieces of herself was like pulling out a splinter with salad tongs.

Chapter 2

After waking from a nightmare to a roommate requesting a room change, Tobin ventures out of her bedroom and into the fourth-floor ward of the Mendwell Institute.

"The stares were the worst. The moment she left her bedroom they were on her like an unwanted touch.  No one came near Tobin but their gazes followed her as she walked down the off-white hallway with its six bedrooms, doors opened, on either side. The opened doors were a rule of Mendwell’s."  

"Living Nightmare" Chapter 1

Here I am reading the first chapter to my novel "Living Nightmare", hoping to intrigue viewers into wanting to learn more about Tobin Blake and her struggle to find answers to the nightmares plaguing her dreams.

It might not be a flawless read but I gave it my best. If I'm lucky, it will be enough to entertain. 

The video was taken a few days ago but I needed my freakout and stress time before posting. If all goes well, I'll soon be a pro with a chapter-a-week video being uploaded. ;)