Children's Poems: Warrior Boy

I am a strong warrior

as anyone can see,

I wear my cape of blue and green

And rule the land here at my feet.

This mountain which I stand up on

I took from creatures dark in heart,

To give my people place to rest

Inside the caves at mountains start.

These clothes which you see me wear

A sorcerer weaved with magic spells.

They keep me safe from evil witch

Who, in shadows, lurks and dwells.

She wants to steal my dragon friend,

My loyal pet, and fierce dog of brown.

She wants to turn my friends to foe,

Chanting curses over cauldron as she frowns.

She may be clever and may be sly,

But will not win for I too am wise.

Even when she claims to now be good

It is easy to see through all her lies.

When queen arrives and day is done,

My armour and cape I will put away.

She says its time for food and sleep,

For it is now the end of the day.



Off to bed my sweet child,

The sun has left the sky to moon

And smiling stars are waiting for you

To send up wishes for them to share.

So now into pjs you must go,

Brush your teeth and scrub your face.

Into bed slip, covers pull up high,

Yawn and surrender to this lullaby.

Hold and cuddle favourite bedtime friends,

They are tired from their day of fun,

From all the games you have played

Adventures, all battles fought and won.

Float off to dreamland where dragons wait,

Where knights bow and ask for help.

Princesses are waiting to be saved

By my brave, strong soldier boy.

With help from friends, bear and bird,

You rescue all from danger close.

Scare the bad away from good,

And coax rainbow from storm sky.

Then when the morning sun decides to rise,

And you open up your eyes wide,

With a smile I will hug you

My darling and my warrior son.


Simple Wish

I have been plucked by child's fingers

From flower beds I call my home.

Candy pink and sunshine yellow,

Ocean blue and orange too,

Bright rainbow petal tops which

Shelter me from sand and storm

Are hiding me no more.

With delight widening blue eyes

The thief, a wisp of a girl,

Gave a giggle and pulled me close

Asked if I was magic, 

Did dreams I make come true.

With a wink and a laugh, I told her yes,

If she had been kind and good

I could make one wish be true

But to choose with care and with heart

For not all dreams will come out right.

So she sat, and hard at thought

Tried to think of perfect wish.

One unselfish, one pure and sweet,

While in her hand I sat in wait.

Suddenly, pouted lips turned to smile,

Eyes grew large and laughter bubbled.

With pride she leaned close and whispered,

"I wish for love to find us all

and friends to last a lifetime."


New Friend

I was dozing under leaves

Lulled to sleep by buzzing bees

When pulled from dream of dancing trees,

I woke to find big eyes of brown

Staring down at me with glee.

They rested in a young one's face

With ruby, dimpled, chubby cheeks.

With bitten lips and freckled nose,

He was a boy not yet six years old.

In grubby hands I was held

With gentle care, held up to face.

I was studied, inspected slow

While he tried to figure out

If I was friend, or to be foe.

So I smiled and gave my name,

Hope a friend I will have made.

He seemed glad to keep me close

Asked for stories I gladly told.

In whispered words I told of all

I had seen with my fairy wings,

The creature friends I met and played.

And magic spells and wishes made.

When mother called him back to home,

He placed me softly where I was stole,

Promised to visit when night turned day

And hear about my fairy ways.

He waved good-bye and said farewell

Then back to home he hurried fast.

With smile on face and happy heart

I knew he was a new friend to last.


Little Dreamer

Close your eyes my little darling,

The sun has said good-bye to day.

Down to bed his mother called him,

Now cuddled tight with dreams he stays.

If you wish to see night's treasures

Allow your eyes to fall and close,

Yawn and let sleep pull you under

Off to dreamland you will go.

The moon rises laughing softly,

it's now her time to say hello.

In starlit sky she starts to sing,

Songs to set young ones to sleep.

If you wish to see night's treasures

Allow your eyes to fall and close,

Yawn and let sleep pull you under

Off to dreamland you will go.

The shining stars join in when hear her,

Adding their sweet harmonies.

Lighting sky with happy dancing

With grace and grins they start to sway.

If you wish to see night's treasures

Allow your eyes to fall and close,

Yawn and let sleep pull you under

Off to dreamland you will go.

Little one in my arms resting,

Into sleep you are at last.

One more hug and kiss I give you,

Before to bed with dreams you'll stay.

Keep those eyes closed, little darling,

Hush and dream, now you are safe.


Children's Poem

Dreams with Fairies

Little fairie sitting,
swinging legs with patience straining,
you are waiting for somber child
to close her eyes,
for slumber to take over.

 You wait,
jeweled gown swaying,
gleaming pink against blue of night
with sparking wings, a glitter of diamonds.

 You hum sweet lullabies
beneath your breath, and
hope to entice heavy lids to fall
and mind to succumb under need to sleep.

The moment dream takes over
you rise,
wings fluttering with joy.
You race over to resting child
and with a dash,
a sprinkle of fairy dust,
inside the dream you slip.

 You sneak into
the slumbering thoughts child sees.
With a twirl and a spin
you scatter thick shadows
of sadness, in corners, hiding.

 With musical laughter
you have rainbows forming
out of heavy grey clouds looming,
coax sun from threatening sky.


You paint petals of drooping flowers
until stems stand tall and proud
for new brilliant flowers tops.
Whimsical calls and songs have
friendly rabbits, shy bird and busy bees
stopping to greet little girl
who sits beneath the willow tree.

 Thinking she was alone and scared
until you came dancing with fairy friends,
got her to feet and to smile.
Body moving to the beat
of little creature playing songs.


She joins in
giggling over silly games,
happy in her dream of shining sun

and rainbow colors.
Head resting on fluffy pillow turns,

face tilted up.
Lips lift, happiness showing,
while mom and dad beam down
at their child


Children's Poems


I’m a child so I can view

the world through eyes

framed by magic.

In the normal, I can find

creatures sneaking looks

at the silly humans walking by.

Flower tops are skirts of fairies,

hiding when the sun was high

but when the moon sends sun to bed,

with dancing leaps the fairies wake

and into the sky they will take.

Dusting sky with stars that glitter,

they fill the world with songs as they fitter.

I can close my eyes, open them to find

myself now standing in a garden wild.

Where birds and squirrels wait with smiles,

To tweet and squeak, dance and spin.

When play-time is over and off to bed I go,

I cannot wait for sleep to take me

and into fairy-tales I will soar.

Where I am princess in tower high,

long blond hair hanging to ground

and off in distance on a horse of white,

my prince is racing to save me this night.